A master-planned community, Silver Falcon Estates promises to supply its residents with only the best in amenities.

The Clubhouse

Silver Falcon Estates residents and their guests have unfettered access to the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse will offer swimming amenities, entertainment areas, pilot briefing rooms, and a fully equipped gym.

On-Site Fuel

Silver Falcon Estates pilots will enjoy easy access to on-site fuel operated by the City of Sherman and take advantage of the lowest fuel prices in North Texas.

Aircraft Wash Station

Returning from a dirt strip, or did you hit a patch of bugs on final? We’ve been there. Silver Falcon Estates will feature a complimentary wash station on the south end of the Estates.

Kestrel Hangars

The Kestrels incorporate the latest in hangar design, including glass-paneled bi-fold doors and generous space for pilot ready-rooms.

The Landing

A classic barnstorming themed restaurant for aviators, their guests, and the residents of North Texas. Enjoy cocktails (when not flying) and great food only a golf cart’s ride away from home.

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