What is the purchase process like?

We want to make your journey to becoming a resident of Silver Falcon as easy as possible. There are three steps to become a Silver Falcon resident.

Step 1: reserve a lot by placing a nominal deposit fee with SkyTrust—it’s fully refundable and your reservation can be cancelled at any time.

Step 2: close on the land of your reserved lot at the time we break ground on your phase of the development.

Step 3: Within a specified period of time after closing on your lot, engage one of our two approved builders to construct your home.

Do I have to use your builder, or can I bring in my own contractor?

You must use an approved builder to construct your home and/or hangar. Due to the complexities involved with constructing a master-planned community that complies with FAA regulations, we only permit approved builders and their contractors to do work in Silver Falcon.

Can I make interior changes to the published designs?

Yes. This is something that is between you and your builder.

Is there a discount for those who reserve before the Launch Date?

SkyTrust is offering a 10% discount on all lots that are officially reserved before the launch date of May 23, 2020. The reservation is non-binding and a full refund will be given without any withholdings, even if canceled for no cause. The buyer does not have to close on the lot before the launch date – just a formal reservation is needed. Since building costs are fixed and will be customized to the desires and needs of the client, we are not able to offer additional discounts on the actual construction. Our ultimate goal is to build as cost-efficient as possible.

How far away are you from breaking ground?

This project will be developed in three phases. We anticipate breaking ground on Phase 1 on or before the launch date of May 23, 2020.

What are the HOA fees?

Since this is an aviation community that needs to ensure a secure and aircraft-friendly environment, there is a need to manage the common areas. A basic HOA fee will be necessary to accomplish these goals. The HOA fee will be determined by the HOA and be based on actual expenses. A preliminary budget predicts a HOA fee of $100-$150/month depending on the type of property.

Are there runway access fees?

The FAA mandates a runway access fee, payable to the City of Sherman to secure a valid “Through the Fence Agreement” between a private development and a municipal airport. SkyTrust residents will enjoy a low fee of between $200 and $500/year depending on the type of property they own. The City will maintain the airport on our behalf.

What type of HOA restrictions are in the Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions?

You can expect to find the regular and customary restrictions that would see in any suburban neighborhood plus a few specifically related to facilitate the aviation function of the community. The restrictions will be aimed at 1) ensuring consistent and harmonious architectural design, 2) standard upkeep requirements, and 3) restrictions required to comply with FAA airport regulations.

Are non-aviation uses permitted?

No. This community will be homes where you can live with your family and keep an airplane. Non-aviation storage and other commercial applications are not a good fit for this community and thus will not be permitted.

What types of fences and security measures will be in place?

Silver Falcon will be a fully gated community. Security features will include electronic security gates, CCTV monitoring at entrances, and eight-foot perimeter fencing with an aesthetically pleasing combination of materials. Residences may have back-yard only fencing. Anticipate architectural design standards that limits  wooden fence construction to 6′.